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Entities and Services of Autisme la Garriga

Our project is structured under the concept of a services network, with flexible organisation, with some very specialised services, but at the same time with shared objectives and ways of working, which demands a high level of coordination.
All of our services are managed by multi-disciplinary teams, trained by experts in psychiatry, neurology, psychology, education and family counselling. Our organisation brings together the expertise of 40 years of dedication to autism with the energy of new professionals that join the organisation. This human team, along with some magnificent facilities adapted in every detail to the needs of the people affected by autism, allows us to reach high levels of innovation and excellence.

Three associations, made up of families of people affected by autism, CERAC, ASEPAC and APAFAC, manage these services and along with the Fundació Congost Autisme they make up the Autisme la Garriga project.

CERAC Associació ASEPAC Associació APAFAC Associació Fundacio Congost Autisme Autisme la Garriga Diagnostic i consultoria Tractaments ambulatoris Rehabilitació psicosocial Insercio sociolaboral Terapia ocupacional i treball amb suport Servei terapeutic de vacances i suport familiar Residencies terapeutiques Activitats esportives Acompanyament especialitzat Fundacio Congost Autisme