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Fiscal Advantages of Donating to Fundació Congost Autisme

Once you make the donation, we will send you a certificate so that you can deduct it.

In connection to this donation and according to the amendments to Fiscal Regime Law 49/2002 dated 23 December, which came into force on 1 January 2015, donations to the Foundation, starting on 1 January 2016, have a tax deduction of 75% for the first 150 euros donated by legal persons. After this amount, the donations are deductible by 30%. If these are periodical donations made over at least three years to the same organisation for an equal or higher amount, the deduction is 35%.
For companies, the deduction increases to 40% for donations made to a single entity in the same or higher amount during at least three years.
In this case, you should contact us and we will advise you.

Noia amb autisme amb la zeva educadora.

All of the donations to Fundació Congost Autisme have significant tax benefits.

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