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Sponsorship Programme for People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Sponsorship and Autisme la Garriga

The Sponsorship Programme for Autisme la Garriga addresses all people, institutions and companies that wish to participate actively on our project, as well as connect with our mission and values.

Collaborating with Autisme la Garriga means linking yourself in a socially responsible way to an organisation with a long and recognised history, both nationally and internationally, in the treatment of people severely affected by autistic spectrum disorder.

Autisme la Garriga offers to companies, foundations and private institutions a framework in carrying out their social activity, connecting themselves to a project with a history of more than 40 years of experience in the field of autism and a pioneer internationally in the treatment of people severely affected by autism.

For a private entity, associating their image with Autisme la Garriga can provide many corporate advantages:
• Provide added value and strengthen the image of the company beyond their typical environment.
• Allow the company to be positioned with respect to certain social demands, obtaining notoriety and public image, creating synergies with other activities.
• Make it possible to involve the company in a project that has the primary objective of improving the quality of life of people severely affected by autism, and gaining direct involvement in social change, promoting altruism and solidarity in society.
• Open the door to participation in the values of the project and allow for values to be reinforced that are connected to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
• Become part of a project that will strengthen your image and projection nationally and internationally.
• Promote the presence and visibility of the companies in the areas, activities and/or materials of communication that the project creates in accordance with contribution levels.
• Increase the cohesion and personal satisfaction of all workers.
• Significant social benefits.

Your collaboration with Autisme la Garriga can take place in the following ways:
• Making timely donations
• Making regular contributions
• Organising an activity or event of solidarity on behalf of Autisme la Garriga
• Patronage and sponsorship of services
• Patronage and sponsorship of activities

Noia amb autisme amb una professional d'Autisme la Garriga.

For a private entity, associating their image with Autisme la Garriga can provide many corporate advantages.