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Therapeutic Homes for People with Autism

This service depends on the APAFAC association, one of the organisations that make up the Autisme la Garriga project.
It consists of a residency with two buildings, Llar Cau Blanc (1983) and Llar Cottet (1990), located at the address of Ronda del Carril, 83 and 85, in la Garriga, with a capacity of 20 and 23 spaces, respectively.
The residency service has 42 places coordinated by the Department of Social and Family Welfare of the Government of Catalonia.

Currently, the users of these services are 42 adults with autism, who are severely affected. The residential resting space is not coordinated. This residential resting area is for the temporary housing of people affected by autism, who live with their family. As a rule, the stays last under 15 days.

The purposes of the residential service are:
• Permanent or temporary residence, in accordance with the needs of the people being treated and their families
• Specific treatments in the long term
• Family support
• Provide diagnostic assessment

In the methodological aspect, we basically focus on techniques derived from modifying operating conduct, with a non-aversive orientation and using social and activity reinforcements.

The working method of this centre is based on:
• Cognitive-behavioural techniques
•Task analysis
• Individualised plan for support and reinforcement
•Moderate duration of activities
•Alternation of activities (sedentary-active) and of areas (inside-outside)

The activities that we carry out are:
• Personal and social autonomy
• Gardening
• Music therapy
• Art therapy
•Aquatic activities
• Physical activity
• Leisure
• City and suburban walks
• Attendance to popular festivals organised by the town

Passejades urbanes amb persones amb TEA.

The purposes of the residential service are: permanent or temporary residence, according to the needs of the people being treated and their families, specific long-term treatments, family support and providing diagnostic assessment.

Ronda del Carril, 75
08530 la Garriga (Barcelona)

WhatsApp: +34 606088407

From Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 18:00.
Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00.

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